Sunday, August 30, 2009

Local Food Cookbook Idea

Email From : diane williamson

Hi Jim,I am still in the planning and publicizing stage, but I am envisioning a book filled with recipes and information that can help people use more local produce (veggies mostly, but I am thinking of doing it by season, so I want to cover the Winter withe cheeses and meets, as well as canning). I want to highlight local farms and dairies, so I think a lot of the recipes will be amongst profiles or interviews, as well as descriptions and how-tos for the less-familiar foods. My goal is to have it done by Jan. 2011, but I am also still thinking about means of getting it published, and exploring the possibility of different formats (like hooking up with the edible NY magazine.) If you could spread the word, I would appreciate it- everyone has a great recipe or funny story about something local. I'll attach the CFR. Diane

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