Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome to The New Environment Blog-World!

This is a “virtual café” for the purpose of dialogue among members of the New Environment Association. As a blog, this site has it’s own tone and purpose that is more interactive than a website, something like a listserv or email discussion list, except you go to the blog page instead of clogging your inbox. Let us see if we can add another dimension of support, engagement, and mutual growth by using the convenience of this venue for sharing ideas.

You can start a whole new discussion thread by posting a blog, or continuing a discussion by making a comment to a posted blog. I imagine we can continue discussions started at pot lucks and General Meetings. We can share things we find on the web or elsewhere that others may benefit from. Only members of N.E.A. can read, post, or comment on this blog. Let’s see what happens!

This page is under construction! If you are reading this page, you can help construct this page! I am working on some instructions to follow unless you can figure it out on your own. Bear with me on this. Your feedback is welcome.

Susan Adair susanadair@verizon.net 378-0353

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